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    CPWF_WineBuzz_Ad_JuneColumbus-based Karate Cowboy fuses East and West in their American white whiskey combined with Japanese sake and flavorings. They currently make two flavors, Karate Cowboy Ginger Mint and Karate Cowboy Honey Wasabi. Each sells for $22.35 and is 66 proof. Watch out! They both pack a punch of heat. Tone it down a bit by using as a mixer in drinks like the Wasabi Bloody Mary.

    CPWF_WineBuzz_Ad_JuneHang on to summer with two new flavors of rum cream. Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum Cream tastes just like banana cream pie with a kick. Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum Cream has deliciously creamy texture and toasted coconut flavor laced with a touch of allspice and nutmeg – just like in the islands. Each weighs in at 15 percent alcohol and sells for $19.99/750 ml. Kick back and enjoy.

    Hudson, Ohio-based Hidden Spirits Cocktails launched their new Hidden Spirits Lemonade this summer. Only it’s not just lemonade. A hit of tequila gives it just the right boost, but at 19 percent alcohol it’s not overpowering. Be careful – it goes down really easily! It sells for $18.65.

    Wasabi Bloody Mary

    1 oz. Karate Cowboy Honey Wasabi

    4 oz. Bloody Mary Mix (try Pope’s Kitchen, also an Ohio product)

    .5 oz. olive brine and/or lime

    Serve over ice.

    Coco Bleu Martini

    3 oz. Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum Cream

    1 oz. Amaretto

    1 oz. milk

    .5 oz. Blue Curacao

    Combine with ice in a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain into martini glass and garnish with a cherry.

    Lemon Breeze

    8 oz. Hidden Spirits Lemonade

    Splash cranberry juice

    Lemon slice

    Pour lemonade into a glass filled 1/3 with ice cubes. Add cranberry juice and garnish with lemon.


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