11 Ohio Spirits Perfect for Your Favorite Cocktails

Red Eagle Distillery ‘red e’ Vodka
Distilled from grapes, this vodka has an alluring and unusual aroma of toasted almond, coconut and maraschino cherry. It tastes just like it smells — delicious and very flavorful. 80 proof; $2

Red Eagle Distillery Ohio Bourbon Whiskey
Made from local stone-ground corn, this has an aroma of cherry and toasty walnuts that leads to date, fig and rich toffee notes on the palate. 90.2 proof; $23/375 ml

Red Eagle Distillery Ohio Red Maple
The Ohio maple syrup used for this whiskey is very subtle, lending just a hint of maple richness to toasty butterscotch and dried fruit flavor. 90.2 proof; $25/375ml

FLOH Vodka
Hints of pine and spice in the aroma. Packed with flavor, citrus notes lead to a spicy, peppery, horehound finish. 80 proof; $32.98

FLOH Pink Grapefruit and Dragonfruit Flavored Vodka
Pink grapefruit jumps out of the glass. Grapefruit zest balances lush dragonfruit on the palate. Perfect for a refreshing summer cocktail. 70 proof; $33.15

Watershed Distillery Guild Gin
A collaboration between Watershed Distillery and Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ The Guild House, this gin is infused with chamomile flowers after distillation. Big florals and lemon essence in the aroma. Full-flavored with a touch of anise on the lingering finish. 88 proof; $27.99

Watershed Distillery Bourbon
Smoky, nutty, butter toffee aroma with toasty oak and spice on the palate. Dried figs and caramel on the finish. 90 proof; $37.99

Watershed Distillery Apple Brandy
Ohio apples pressed, fermented, distilled and aged in charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Nutty caramel apple aroma with baked apple and delicate spice flavors. 80 proof; $37.99

Watershed Distillery Nocino
Distilled from grain, fruit and infused with Ohio walnuts. Dried figs, dates and a touch of licorice on the nose. Mission figs, vanilla and date nut bread on the palate. 46.42 proof; $27.99 

Western Reserve Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey (14 Year)
Aromas of caramel, dates and hazelnut. Rich, nut brittle flavor with maraschino cherry on the finish. 90 proof; $106.42

Western Reserve Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey (8 Year)
Dried peaches with toasted walnut on the nose. Spicey finish with caramel notes. 86 proof; $75.68

Prices may vary.

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