3 Recipes Paired Perfectly with Carolina Reserva Wines


In 2018, Viña Santa Carolina launched the new image of Carolina Reserva in the United States. This exciting new label is designed to keep focus on this prestigious winery while maintaining its “Chilean heritage.” In addition to a fresh and modern packaging, Carolina Reserva offers an exceptional price/quality ratio and an opportunity to turn an ordinary day into a special occasion.

This new label was inspired by the life of Carolina Iñiguez, the wife of the winery’s founder Luis Pereira.  Carolina was a woman who knew how to enjoy life and who could turn even the simplest of times into amazing moments.

This is why Carolina Reserva is a wine to enjoy every day, perfect to share with your loved ones or to have a great time simply on your own; a wine that invites you to make your moments unique and amazing. With its particular aromas and flavors, each variety of Carolina is the perfect embodiment of its guiding winemaking philosophy, which seeks to portray the indissoluble links between Chile’s winegrowing valleys, their climate, and the fruit.

Carolina Reserva consists of several varieties, all of them superb choices to create new sensations and to be enjoyed simply by themselves or paired with your favorite dishes. Viña Santa Carolina’s winemaker especially recommends the following pairings: Carolina Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon and Filet Mignon; Carolina Reserva Carmenère and an exotic Pad Thai; and finally Carolina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc paired with a delicious salmon ceviche. Bon appetit!

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