4 Spirits We Think You Will Love

Long Drink

Finland had the original idea… The Long Drink Company brought it to the U.S. In 1952, when Finland was recovering from WWII, Helsinki hosted the summer olympics. How would they serve their visitors cocktails that were refreshing and at lightning speed? They mixed batches and batches of Gin and grapefruit soda and the “long drink” became legendary. The Long Drink Company recently rolled out four varieties: Traditional (5.5% ABV), Strong (8.5% ABV), 90 Calorie (5% ABV) and Cranberry (5.5% ABV). The cranberry long drink is made with Gin and natural cranberry flavor. The other three are all made with Gin and natural grapefruit and juniper berry flavors. The Gin is a bit of a silent partner, but all are refreshing and fun with slight variations in flavor nuances. Traditional, 90 Calorie and Cranberry are $11.99 per 6-pack. Strong is $12.99 per 6-pack.  (12 oz cans)

Ezra Brooks Bourbon Cream

Made with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and all-natural cream, this liqueur has a praline, baking spice  and raisin aroma. It’s creamy and rich with flavors of vanilla caramel and pecan brittle.

25 proof; $12.99

Gervasi Spirits Sinner’s Blush

Described as Vodka and grape wine with cochineal extract. Lush, fruity aroma with hints of dark chocolate mocha. Smooth on the palate with a pleasant, warm finish.

60 proof; $38

Gervasi Spirits Saint’s Desire

This Gin has an intense red-orange color. Aromas of candied orange zest jump from the glass. Packing a punch, this spirit with its developed blood orange character screams… NEGRONI!

94 proof; $37

Note: Gervasi Spirits are available onsite only.

Photo courtesy Gervasi Vineyard.

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