Becoming a Buckeye Tequilador

“Tequila has an appellation just like wine,” remarked Jorge Dagnino, brand ambassador for Tequilador. Tequilador makes high-end, triple-distilled tequila from 100 percent blue agave grown in the highlands of Tequila in the state of Jalisco – one of the five states certified by Mexico’s Tequila Regulating Council (CRT) as an appellation of origin for this distinctly Mexican spirit.

Dagnino recently moved his family from Mexico City to the Buckeye state because Tequilador is focusing on the Midwest and will grow its American market from here. (Although consumers can get it in New York City as well.)

When asked why Tequilador located here, Dagnino said, “Ohio is the eleventh highest state in tequila consumption, has a growing Mexican and Latin population – besides we have family here.” His sister-in-law, Astrid Moise, works for MAM Imports, Inc., which represents Tequilador. She has lived in the state for five years. “Astrid belongs to Ohio and now we do too,” Dagnino quipped.

Dagnino says what distinguishes Tequilador is its smoothness. “It’s triple-distilled and oxygenated,” he said, a process that eliminates some of the heat and allows the flavors to come through.

Tequilador concentrates on silver and reposado tequila. Silver is bottled or stored immediately after distillation and aged less than two months in stainless steel or neutral oak barrels. Reposado is barrel-aged for 2-11 months. The company also sells flavored tequilas and specialty products, including Belgian chocolate tequila, coconut tequila and pomegranate margarita.

“Taste it and you’ll know it’s the smoothest tequila on the market. It will become your preferred brand,” Dagnino said. Indeed, the term “Tequilador” in Spanish suggests someone who knows and appreciates tequila. Becoming one in the Buckeye state just got a whole lot easier.

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