Crook & Marker: Zero Never Tasted This Good


People want to have a good time without feeling guilty about what they’re drinking. At last, that’s possible with Crook & Marker, the only spiked and sparkling beverages of their kind: Zero sugar. Made with organic alcohol. Overflowing with bold, refreshing flavor.

Our organic BaseBrew™ alcohol is made from ancient grains – including quinoa, amaranth and millet – and cassava root. This brew is finely filtered and perfectly polished, then blended with natural flavors. Crook & Marker beverages are sweetened from natural sources, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan, with 80 calories per can and 4 percent alcohol by volume.

Crook & Marker was launched by Ben Weiss, who previously founded Bai Antioxidant Beverages and started a “Bevolution” to overturn the conventional wisdom that says “good for you” and “great taste” can’t co-exist. Now, with Crook & Marker, he is determined to provide the taste, variety and refreshment that people are seeking in alcohol beverages – and to prove that they can feel better about what they drink while still having a good time.

  1. Omg I was amazed to tell you the truth. I never had a alcohol drink so good! It’s like your favorite pop but healthier. All organic alcohol and even has quinoa. I promise you wont regret trying this!

  2. I love these. There are the best hard seltzer in the market. I should know for I tried them all. I’m am Hooked.

  3. I love this beverage!! I have tried the others drinks and. Never cared for them. I just tried the tangerine and will definitely purchase this again. Thank you for an amazing beverage!

  4. So I was super skeptical when I bought the variety pack and it cost more than my husband’s ultra did, but… I just finished the first one and it was delicious! And I’m soooo picky! and I just had a baby almost 2 weeks ago so I don’t really drink much at the moment, but that one drink felt worth it! plus I’m about to start exercise and diet regimen as soon as I get the all-clear to begin light exercise again, and I feel like this is a good occasional treat since I have my birthday and anniversary coming up! I definitely would recommend and I will purchase again!

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