Nancy: Scrumptious finger foods are the key to a successful picnic. Pack up crusty French bread and cheese for starters. Then add a main entrée and salad. For dessert, serve cookies and fruit (or visit www.thewinebuzz.com for picnic dessert recipes). Be sure to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. No food should sit out in the sun for longer than an hour, so it’s a good idea to divide food into smaller containers and serve as needed.

Gary: Ohio’s cool climate and short growing season produce wines similar to other cool-climate regions, particularly much of Europe. They are fresh and marked with acidity, even in the warmer vintages, making them perfect food wines and choices to linger over as they enhance your meal and time together with special friends and family. Their lower levels of ripeness will ensure they pair well with food and bring you back for a second (and third) sip.

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