Refreshing Fruitiness for Sultry Summertime

Some think fruity beers are for light weights. But when the temperature heads to the top of the thermometer and it’s too hot to get hungry, a fruity brew blended with hops can turn a dog-day afternoon into a mountain retreat with cool breezes. Here are a few choices to refresh your summer palate.

Pyramid Breweries’ Apricot Ale:
This butterscotch-colored beverage is an unfiltered wheat ale that pours cloudy and has a quickly dissipating head. The apricot and biscuity aromas belie a tartness that balances the sweetness of the fruit. It finishes clean and would be delightful with a spicy summer dish like a zesty gazpacho.

Boon Brewery’s Framboise: A traditional Belgian lambic ale brewed with real raspberries. Made in Lambeek, the town that gave Lambic its name, its purplish color and irrepressible effervescence make it appear to be a glass of pink champagne. The robust raspberry aromas and flavors are offset by traditional lambic tartness and acidity. Like most lambics, this one begs to be paired with creamy rich cheeses like a Port Salut or a triple brie.

Harpoon Cider: Harpoon Brewery in Boston makes this natural cider from freshly pressed local apples and its own house yeast. Its pale straw color and fruity esters ease into sweet apple flavors and end with a crisp, clean finish. This cider would pair well with almost any course, including a scoop of salty caramel ice cream – summer’s equivalent to caramel apples.




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