Tessora Liqueurs

In the Abruzzo region of Italy, nearly 200 years ago, masterfully refined recipes were developed for a variety of liqueurs and were passed from generation to generation. With a precise balance of fruit, sweetness and alcohol, these recipes are made today with the finest ingredients and passion with which they were created.
Tessora Crema al Limone, is sophisticated and smooth, with an unforgettable soft lemon flavor and a light, creamy texture. Store and serve straight from the freezer for its surprising and authentic consistency. Try it neat, in a cordial glass, over fresh berries, ice cream or cake, or in a wide variety of cocktails and recipes.

Tessora Limoncello Classico is a traditional-style limoncello that has long been an Italian favorite. Its fresh, bold burst of lemon flavor is best served chilled, from the refrigerator. Serve it neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail or over berries and ice cream.

Tessora – “treasure” in Italian. The recipes are still closely guarded secrets, but the treasures are shared with you. Both liqueurs are all-natural as well as gluten-free.


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