The Future of Wine is Wellness


By Kathy Clancy, Founder of The Natural Wine School

Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Sulfite-Free, Organic, and Natural wine drinkers. These trending consumer preferences go beyond formal wine training curriculum. They are personal, health-driven, and the new-face of customer wine demands.

I know this first-hand as the wine educator for TownHall, an all organic and nationally recognized health-based restaurant in Cleveland. Their customers include professional athletes and celebrities who have high expectations of their team members. Their guests need them to know details on how wine impacts their diet and fitness goals.

TownHall chooses to be a leader in organic wine service and exceed their customers’ expectations. Partnering with their management, we build their team’s basic wine skills with a focus on organic, and biodynamic farming and winemaking practices. This allows them to differentiate organic and natural wines to more conventional wines. Then, the team is specifically trained to select, sell, and serve organic and natural wines to match their guests’ preferences.  The results are loyal customers, engaged staff, and the strongest wines sales in their history.

Whether you are a seasoned wine consultant, a retail wine salesperson, or an everyday wine lover, there is no reason to struggle with basic wine-related diet or lifestyle questions.  We created a Wine & Wellness Survival Guide to help you or your customers choose wines with wellness in mind.

We invite you to become an organic and natural wine leader with The Natural Wine School’s specialized easy-to-use training. You earn a loyal following of wellness-inspired customers that is unbeatable. When you match the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon, low in sulfites, vegan, and Paleo-friendly for a guest, and you elevate a wine selection to a powerful memorable level of service.

At the Natural Wine School, we have courses that prepare you to meet these new challenges. In fact, our Wine & Wellness Certification is the only training of its type in the industry.

After focusing years on global organic and natural wine, we are here to help you transition to the future of wine and wine-wellness with ease.

Enroll in new winter courses at  Online courses open in January.

Contact us now for virtual or in-person trainings at

Cheers and stay well!

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