Tom’s Foolery Bourbon Finished in a Maple Syrup Barrel

Yes, it’s very high-alcohol, but the maple essence in this delicious whiskey really smooths out the flavor. Maple is prominent on the nose, along with a big dose of allspice. Rich and very flavorful with buttery toffee notes and just a hint of maple sweetness.

109 proof; $41.95

MapleJack Smash


1.5 oz Tom’s Foolery Bourbon Finished in a Maple Syrup Barrel

1 oz Tom’s Foolery Applejack

Pinch sugar

Small pinch cinnamon

Small slice orange peel

Orange peel for garnish


Soda water (if desired)

Rocks glass

To Make:

Place sugar, cinnamon and orange peel in bottom of glass and muddle. Add Maple Bourbon and Applejack then stir. Add ice and top with optional soda water. Garnish with orange peel. Enjoy!

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