Tom’s Foolery Rye

There’s a lot going on in Tom’s Foolery Rye, and some of it is pretty outside the box. It is very complex for its age and the rich mouth feel is amazing. Overall, Tom’s Foolery Rye showcases both the fruity and spicy qualities of rye grain. An enjoyable pour with unusual elements!

Nose: Tom’s Foolery Rye whiskey has an herbal, grainy nose, with notes of candied mint, caraway, cereal, and marzipan. Complex, unusual, and extremely inviting.

Palate: Initially sweet and honeyed with a rich, thick mouth feel. The mid-palate is very spicy with notes of fennel, clove, dates, anise and cinnamon red hots. The finish is earthy and invites another sip!

As reviewed by Whiskey Wash and Whiskey Seeker.

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