ABSENTE Absinthe Paying Tribute to Van Gogh


Absinthe, the legendary liquor distilled from Wormwood, was the signature drink of artists during the Belle Epoque. Namely, Vincent van Gogh being the most famous absinthe lover.

Absinthe was banned in 1912 as a narcotic, due to Wormwood containing thujone (an hallucinogenic molecule), but since 2007, is legal again.

Following an ancient recipe, ABSENTE is an authentic absinthe crafted in the French Alps, which has always been Wormwood’s homeland. The ancient recipe incorporates 8 other herbs such as anise, mint, balm, and more.

The taste is aromatic and intense, conveying a dominance of herbs with light floral aromas with a suggestion of citrus lurking in the backdrop.

In the 19th century, at the height of its infamy, absinthe was mainly consumed through the ritual: pour absinthe in a glass, then top it with an absinthe spoon supporting a sugar cube and pour water over it. Today absinthe is also widely used straight, on ice, or in cocktails.

The most famous of the absinthe cocktails is certainly the Sazerac, a cocktail born in New Orleans in the 1700s, incorporating absinthe, bourbon, and orange bitter. But you can also use absinthe to add an herbaceous tone in a mojito, a gin tonic, and many other refreshing drinks.

Paying tribute to Vincent van Gogh, ABSENTE absinthe is offered in an artistic “Van Gogh” box, with the absinthe spoon requested for the ritual.

Dare to follow the path of the mystic painter? Be aware: ABSENTE ablazes your senses!

110 proof so drink with caution.


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