Herbed Overnight Turkey Stock

Recipes by Debbi Snook | Wine Commentary by Gary Twining

Two things you should know about making a spectacular turkey stock. One, the more meat left on the bones means more flavor in your stock. Two, a variety of fresh herbs, especially tarragon, will brighten the finished broth.

Photo Caption: Let it cook while you sleep. (Photo by Beth Segal)

1 or 2 turkey carcasses, flattened a bit

2 large onions, roughly chopped

4 large carrots, roughly chopped

4 bay leaves

1 tsp freshly cracked black peppercorns

2 TBS tomato paste (optional)

Several sprigs fresh parsley, thyme and tarragon, stems removed, leaves chopped.

Remove any oven racks necessary to fit your stockpot, then set the pot on your stovetop. Heat oven to 200 degrees.

Place ingredients, except for the herbs, in pot and cover with water by an inch or two. Bring to a simmer on the stove top, then place pot in preheated oven overnight, at 200 degrees, for at least 8 hours.

Pour stock through a fine mesh strainer. Chill, then remove the fat from the top. Add herbs and simmer 30 minutes. Remove herbs. Freeze broth in plastic pint cups or make soup by adding more leftover turkey cubes, herbs, pre-cooked vegetables and grains of your choice. Makes 3 quarts or more.

Gary: When using the stock as soup, almost any white wine would be a nice match, but the best pairing would be one that would echo and enhance the herbs and not overpower the elegance of the course. Try a Grüner-Veltliner with its fruit and hint of white pepper. Widely grown in Austria, it is also now being made in the Lake Erie Region. Riesling in a softly dry style would be a good choice, as would a dry Vouvray. Sauvignon Blanc/Bordeaux Blanc with its herbal notes would be a fine pairing, as would be the more textured Semillon. Look to some of the crisp, dry, elegant Italian whites, such as Gavi, Soave, Pinot Grigio, Frascati and Orvieto to make a wonderful match.

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