19 Crimes “Escape to Boston”


On Thursday, July 18, Australian wine brand 19 Crimes hosted an “Escape to Boston” at the historic Liberty Hotel. 19 Crimes invited consumer fans and stakeholders from across the country to join in an evening full of rich storytelling that honored the history behind the popular wine brand, which celebrates the real-life convicts-turned-colonists pictured on the wines’ labels. While consumers can hear from convicts firsthand any time by using the Living Wine Labelsapp to unlock AR capabilities on every bottle of 19 Crimes wine, the event brought the convicts and their stories to life vividly through immersive experiences.

“19 Crimes is a brand rooted in history, and we wanted to bring fans together for an event that both celebrates and educates guests on what 19 Crimes is all about,” said Doug Altmeyer, Global Brand Director for 19 Crimes, Treasury Wine Estates.

Throughout the evening, guests made their way on the journey of the exiled, exploring different rooms depicting courthouse convictions, long journeys at sea, and an orientation warning of dangerous hazards awaiting convicts in their new Australian home. The exhibit featured actors embodying the characters on 19 Crimes labels to help tell the story of these British rouges who lived through the infamous “punishment by transportation” and who built a new world in Australia. An appearance was even made by John Boyle O’Reilly, the convict who, following his harrowing journey to Australia, outwitted his guards and escaped to America, settling in Boston.

The event wouldn’t have been complete without tasting of the 19 Crimes wine portfolio of wines, including the Red Blend, HardChardonnay, The BanishedDark Red, and the UprisingRum Aged Red. Event attendees also enjoyed a selection of 19 Crimes beer and signature 19 Crimes wine cocktail.

“The ‘Escape to Boston’ event proved how passionate our 19 Crimes fans are about not only the wine, but the amazing stories behind the brand,” Altmeyer said. “It was a huge success and we hope to recreate a similar event in the future.”

19 Crimes wine is distributed nationally to retailers for a suggested retail price of $12.00 and isavailable for purchase at https://www.19crimes.com/. The brand can also be found on social media at @19Crimesand facebook.com/19Crimes.

Photo by Drea Catalano/13 Photography for 19 Crimes.

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