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Used to be, it was only beer that came in cans. Then, in 2003, canned wine made its debut when Francis Ford Coppola Winery released its Sofia Blanc de Blancs in 187ml cans with straws attached. It was a move that launched a trend, and today canned wines are a $28 million industry. Here are some we recently tasted and liked. All are available in Ohio.


Babe Grigio with Bubbles, NV (California); $12.99 4-pack 250ml

Fruity, light and slightly sweet with delicate lemon aroma and a hint of honeydew.

Babe Rosé with Bubbles, NV (California); $12.99 4-pack 250ml

Pleasant and clean with cherry/strawberry aroma and bright berry flavor.

Canned Oregon Pink Rosé Bubbles, NV (Oregon); $6.99/375ml

Dry, crisp, clean and light with juicy fresh strawberry aroma. A standout.

Lila Sparkling Vino Frizzante, NV (Italy); $10.99/4-pack 250ml

Bright and lively with notes of melon, citrus and tangerine.

Sofia Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine, NV (California); $16.99 4-pack 187ml

Strawberries-and-cream aroma with bright cherry flavor.

Sofia Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine, NV (California); $16.99 4-pack 187ml

Bright with lemon/lime and floral aroma, a touch of sweetness and hints of Granny Smith apple.


Butternut Chardonnay, NV (California); $6.99/375ml

Clean and bright with nice balance, pleasant fruit and a touch of richness.

Canned Oregon Pinot Gris, NV (Oregon); $6.99/375ml

Juicy fruit and crisp acidity with bright floral/tangerine aroma.

Dark Horse Pinot Grigio, 2017 (California); $5.99/375ml

Dry and crisp with clean notes of melon, minerals and citrus.


Dark Horse Rosé, 2017 (California); $5.99/375ml

Bright strawberry/cherry aroma, creamy texture and vivid fruit.

Lila Rosé, NV (France); $10.99/4-pack 250ml

Dry and crisp with notes of tart cherry and vanilla cream.


Butternut Pinot Noir, NV (California); $6.99 375ml

Juicy and full-flavored with hints of coffee, chocolate and smoky dark cherry.

Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco IGT, NV; $11.99 4-pack 250ml

Gently fizzy and sweet with flavors of cherry, strawberry, plum and dark chocolate.

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