Crook & Marker is Summer’s Perfect Spiked and Sparkling Drink


Crook & Marker, a new spiked and sparkling drink created by the founder of Bai Antioxidant Beverages, is now available to your make your good times even better.

The only drinks of their kind, Crook & Marker’s flavor-filled beverages have zero sugar and are made with organic alcohol, making it possible for consumers to finally have it all: bold flavors without the guilt.

Crook & Marker founder Ben Weiss says his new brand delivers a distinctive blend of refreshment and quality ingredients that today’s consumers crave.

“We see today’s consumers, particularly millennials, reject sugar, carbs and ultimately calories, but still demand great flavor and enjoyment. This is why so many young adults are moving away from traditional beer brands,” Weiss says.

A cornerstone for the brand is full transparency. Each can states exactly what’s in the product, with a full nutritional panel and an ingredient deck. Crook & Marker beverages are sweetened from natural sources, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan, with 80 calories and less than 1g net carbs per can and 4% ABV. Also setting them apart is that they are made with organic alcohol from superfoods and ancient grains such as quinoa, millet, cassava root and amaranth.

Weiss continues: “At last, Crook & Marker is here to lead the industry away from bland and compromise and give consumers what they’re seeking – a beverage that is perfect for having a good time and delivers bold flavor, variety and transparency.”

Offered in eight all-natural flavorful options – black cherry, strawberry lemon, coconut pineapple, blackberry lime, mango, peach, grapefruit and tangerine – Crook & Marker is determined to help people to Be Unbound from the same old beverage choices without compromising taste.

Crook & Marker beverages are available in single-flavor 4-packs and in variety 8-packs. Click here to find Crook & Marker at a store near you.

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